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Real Estate Investments are safe and have low risk.  Private funds don’t have a stock price that varies from day to day.  Consumer spending goes up and down and so does employment but building tenants typically keep paying their rents in good and bad times alike.  Analyze the risk/reward ratio.  There may be less liquidity, but Private Funds provide investors with greater control. They are for the serious Long-Term Investor.  Private Equity funds are usually seen as a 1 to 7 year investment.

Business Entities such as Medical and Healthcare companies have a high growth ceiling, are in great demand, and have a large marketplace. 

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NBM only works with Accredited Investors. Consult Legal and Financial Professionals before investing, procuring capital, or offering securities.  Investing has risks including the potential of the investment losing value. The services referred to herein are not available to persons located within the State of California.



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